martedì 6 settembre 2016

Entrusting certain activities to an external company to focus on core competencies



Overcoming seasonal work-flows, talent shortages, and controllingoperating costs are only some of the reasons to consider POWER ENGINEERING.

Outsourcing means transferring portions of work to outside suppliers, allowing you to focus more on core competencies and important strategic activities.

This practice has witnessed substantial growth in recent decades, and in particular the total outsourcing
spend on engineering services is estimated to be growing 3-4 times the rate of total spend on engineering.

Overcoming seasonal work-flows, talent shortages, and controlling operating costs are only some of the reasons to consider this option.

But which services should I outsource?
Service provider capabilities have historically been limited to the engineering documentation function, however over the last 5 years they have expanded across the whole value chain, to encompass a broad range of new product development a
engineering consulting functions (value analysis/ value engineering).

This has undoubtedly led to an increase of the complexity of interaction between company and services provider, while ensuring a higher added value obtained by the applicant (see graph below).

POWER ENGINEERING anticipated these trends, and has been building its reputation as a reliable partner for over 15 years, becoming your one-stop solution for your every engineering need, from documentation supply to R&D projects.

mercoledì 31 agosto 2016

Finite Element Analysis

Outsourcing to focus on core competencies


Finite Element Analysis

FEA Design Analysis, Modeling & Consulting services to a wide range of industries

We use Finite Element Analysis over a vast range of applications including design optimization, product performance improvement, concept assessment for design and development.
Equipped with the latest technologies and an expert team of engineers and designers, we offer accurate and highly cost effective solutions, extending end-to-end FEA solutions with top-notch FEA modeling, consulting and analysis expertise.
Our team conducts a thorough requirement analysis before starting any project, since understanding the client's necessities and vision helps us deliver quality services, and hence develop long-term business relationships.